Top 5 B2B Social Media Campaigns


While it is not hard to find good examples of B2C social media success stories, it may be a challenge to name successful B2B social media ventures. However there are many B2B organizations that are doing a great job at establishing a social media component. Here are five B2B social media campaigns that are doing a pretty good job.

1. American Express OPEN

American Express OPEN is designed to help small businesses prosper. Because social media is a priority for small businesses, American Express OPEN has based its marketing strategy around the social web. The forum is dedicated to providing business advice, and the blog is consistently updated with content relevant to small business owners. Not only is the website successful, its unique visitors have grown from 160,000 to almost one million users in the course of a year.


HSBC is another successful website that is similar to AMEX OPEN. It incorporates a network of blogs and a forum in which entrepreneurs can talk to other entrepreneurs and share their stories of their business ventures, and as of right now, there are over 140 different blogs within the system.

3. Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising incorporates social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, to support and educate their customers. Microsoft Advertising’s community has been constantly growing due to its proactive approach and providing a way for customers to be directly involved with the Microsoft business.

4. Archer

With over 17,000 unique visits and 90,000 page views every week, it is no wonder why Archer Technologies was awarded a 2009 Forrester Groundswell Award winner for B2B social media. Archer uses an online marketplace approach that lets users download and test content, which leads to an enhanced product development because of the constant user feedback.

5. Cree

The LED manufacturer Cree uses social outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote the use of LED technology. Their website is a truly interactive experience where users can upload their bad lighting pictures with the chance to win LED lights. Their blog is updated daily which lets users know exactly what’s going on in the company.

– The Playwrights