Three Tips for SEO Friendly Web Design


If you’re a company considering a brand new website design, there are a number of factors you have to take into deliberation. At the most basic level, you need to have an idea for a budget in place and a slight idea about the direction you want the website to take to help your design company’s creative team get to work. But if you take anything away from this article, it’s this: you should be certain that your Web design company is taking all the necessary steps to make your site’s design as search engine friendly as possible.

There are a few myths about SEO-friendly design that have been perpetuated by search engine optimizers and designers alike. I’d like to put those to rest here and offer up some advice for companies who want a great-looking website that can still rank well in the search engines.

Your site can be beautiful!

A lot of older SEO tactics, such as keyword stuffing, could pump up the amount of text content on your site and make it look boring to the visiting browser. Luckily, search engines have become more intelligent and now place a premium on great, original content that reads as though it was written for a human, not a machine.

Good-looking sites create word-of-mouth advertising.

There are a lot of Web users who enjoy looking at great looking websites, and many blogs that discuss this very topic. If your site has all the characteristics of a stand-out design that is conversation worthy, you could pick up some traffic and backlinks from that fact alone.

Link anchor text should be relevant to the target.

A few years back, an extremely popular practice for designers creating hyperlinks in paragraphs was to include a “click here” type link so that the website visitor knew what to do. In 2012, Web users can be considered savvy enough to know what a hyperlink looks like, which means there’s no reason that link anchor text shouldn’t be relevant to the page it points to. This helps tremendously for SEO purposes if the link points to an internal page on your site.

Keep these three tips in mind when you’re getting to work on your new website design. By combining great-looking design with SEO-friendly elements, you can have an effective Web presence that can grab both attention and good search engine placements.

by Shawn Farner for 21thirteen Design, a NYC Web design company.