Take Time, Create Great Content


Since the dawn of the internet, there have been websites that are misleading, flooded with horrible content, or loaded with irrelevant information. Such websites have crippled many search engines that didn’t bother to create more intuitive search functions, like Google’s “Panda” release which rightfully places search engine results on content rather than something trivial like keyword density.

If ranking high in a Google search isn’t reason enough for you to take the time to focus on creating good content, here are 4 other reasons why you should still live by the phrase, “Content is king.”

People will Stay on your Page

Visitors have truly lost all patience when it comes to clicking on a website that offers nothing of value. You have about 5 seconds to make an impact. If you want to make it count, then you’ve got to have great content. Keyword stuffing, cloaking, and other search engine “tricks” just aren’t cutting it with web-savvy users any more. Visitors want unique and high quality information that answers their question and solves their problem.

Use Spelling and Grammar Checks

Visitors also want well written content. You’ve undoubtedly stumbled upon a website that’s loaded with spelling and grammatical errors. No matter how “helpful” the content may be, if it’s not well written, visitors are bound to take off to find the next best thing. Having poorly written and constructed content, regardless of how informative it may be, is unprofessional and makes the reader doubt the integrity and validity of what they’re reading. You no longer look like a professional in that niche, and you will lose tons of visitors who could have otherwise been leads, customers, or even brand loyalists.

TIP: If you aren’t fluent in the language that your website requires, why not hire on a ghostwriter who is proficient in that language?

Write Content for Specific Niche Groups

If you want to have great content, then you’ve got to cater to who you think your target audience will be. General articles and blog posts are great, but only to a certain point. Write information that really digs into topics of interest for your particular niche group. This will help you stand out as an industry professional.

Content Builds Relationships

Want people to stick around your site and come back for more later? Then you’ve got to build a relationship with them. The best way to do this: with quality content. By creating authoritative content that solves the problems and answers the questions of your visitors, you’re making you and your business more credible and are building up a reliable reputation. A reliable reputation means more trust, and people are far more likely to return to website and make purchases from companies that they feel that they know and can trust.