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Inbound marketing is a newly defined and fast moving industry. New ideas, tactics, guidelines, and competition change the way inbound marketing is practiced everyday. We know you have an opinion, and we want to give you the opportunity to share and show off your knowledge.

Therefore, you are invited to guest post on our blog! If you would like to do so please fill out the form below. Send us your desired topic and we will let you know if it is approved. If you already have some content drafted, you may also attach that file and we will look over it.

Inbound Play also requests that you follow certain guest posting guidelines. Failure to do so may result in your post being rejected.


  • The content in your post must pertain to inbound marketing. It is not required, but suggested that the content is also skewed towards B2B. Please post with these topics in mind:
  1. SEO
  2. Social Media and Social Media Marketing
  3. Content and Content Marketing
  4. SEM/PPC
  5. Inbound Marketing Technology
  6. Branding and Design
  7. Lead Generation
  8. Conversion
  9. Blogging
  • Links back to your personal site or other sites are accepted, however IP does reserve the right to take out links if they are irrelevant.
  • The content must be original and not previously published anywhere else on the web. Once published on Inbound Play, the post may not be posted anywhere else on the internet.
  • Your submitted content will be edited for errors in grammar and spelling. You will be notified of any other considerable changes before publishing.

Help us highlight why inbound marketing is the marketing of tomorrow, and today. Send us your expertise and we will share it!

– The Playwrights

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