The whistle blows. The inbounder slaps the ball and the guard breaks for the basket. He beats his defender and the ball is delivered right into the his hands. Easy layup, easy two points.

Inbound marketing is like this basketball play. Your business (the inbounder) has services and content, (the ball) that another business (the guard) wants or need. In today’s world consumers rely more and more on the internet. This has caused the ways consumers previously found out about products and services to completely change. Instead of the selling business going out to find buyers, buyers are now looking for sellers.

That’s where inbound marketing comes in. You create ways to get to get your online content easily found (slapping the ball) and your target audience will come to you. When that happens it’s easy to generate a lead and make a sell. Two points.

That’s what inbound Play is all about. To show that inbound marketing is the way of the future, or more importantly, the way of now. The content posted on this blog will give you tips, tricks, and even specific plays to how you can effectively execute an inbound marketing strategy.

– The Playwrights