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Pinterest Mini Series Part 1: Pinterest Business Infographic


Pinterest is the latest social network taking the work by storm. Essentially it is an online pin board where users aggregate images using topical pin boards. You can pin images that you find anywhere on the web on to your Pinterest boards as well as re-pinning images from other users on the site. Being extremely visual, the site seems to be particularly appealing to women who make up 80% of the user demograhic. Boards about crafting, cooking and inspirational quotes are most popular with users collecting up image ideas for recipes they want to try and DIY projects they want to undertake as well as a whole host of other things. Businesses can incorporate a ‘pin it’ button in to their website so that users can pin images from the site straight on to their boards. A ‘follow’ button can also be added where the business in question has their own Pinterest account that they want users to know about and interact with. The power of Pinterest can definitely be harnessed for business purposed…check it out today! Continue reading Pinterest Mini Series Part 1: Pinterest Business Infographic

Five Reasons You Should Use WordPress


WordPress is a free content management system that allows users to create their own website, which can be as small as a personal blog or as large as a corporate site. Unlike some content management systems, WordPress offers users dozens of features that increase a website’s manageability, SEO optimization, and design while decreasing the amount of work they have to do, making it the ideal choice for busy professionals who need an advanced, simple-to-use content management system. Continue reading Five Reasons You Should Use WordPress

10 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make


As you know, social media sites are a great way to find new customers, and even create a relationship with your current customers. Social media is so powerful that almost all well-known companies have at least one social media account that you can get updates from. However, there are some big mistakes that you can make on social media sites. This is why I have compiled a list of the top 10 social media mistakes, so that you don’t have to experience them. Continue reading 10 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make

A Few Tips To Help Your Bounce Rate


If you are experiencing a high bounce rate for one or more pages of your website, it is time to step back and take a closer look at why. The chances are that you will find that there is something which is annoying your visitors.

We all know that visitors are notoriously difficult to keep happy and there will always be a few that you can never please, but there are also some well known annoyances that you can easily remove to improve the user experience. Continue reading A Few Tips To Help Your Bounce Rate